Bible news: ‘Evidence of pre-flood civilisation’ sparks Noah’s Ark FRENZY


Noah’s Ark is covered in the Old Testament’s book of Genesis and is a key narrative in both Christianity and Judaism. 

According to scripture, God sent a flood to rid the Earth of humanity as he “saw how great the wickedness of the human race had become on the Earth”.

But he allowed Noah and his family to live as they built an ark to hold two of every animal. 

And now, bombshell evidence has emerged of a “pre-flood civilisation” that could prove the accuracy of Genesis.

Ruad Island, in the Mediterranean Sea, is the only inhabited island of Syria. 

It was once protected on all sides with large megalithic blocks – conventionally believed to be the work of Roman architecture. 

But in new footage, posted on YouTube Channel Mystery History, the narrator questions scholarly accounts and claims the structures are significantly older.

He even suggests the society behind the walls could have been lost forever after a historic event, such as a flood.

Getty/ Mystery History

PROOF? Large walls on the island of Ruad could point to proof of the existence of Noah’s Ark
(Pic: Getty/ Mystery History)

“The wall of Ruad’s condition is notably indicative of lost knowledge but subsequently evades current explanation”

Mystery History

“The wall of Ruad’s condition, along with the inexplicable nature of its construction, is notably indicative of lost knowledge but subsequently evades current explanation,” he says.

“How these structures were built is a mystery but if they were completed by our own, more modern ancestors, why is this knowledge lost to the eons?

“Why did these ancestors not continue these feats of modern engineering?

“It is a tale some find very challenging.”

RuadMystery History

MYSTERY: Large walls on the island suggest construction pre-dating civilisation
(Pic: Mystery History)

The footage has caused a stir online with almost 100,000 views in just over a month. 

And the suggestion that the walls are the work of a “pre-flood civilisation” has sparked debate over whether Ruad’s ruins prove the Noah’s Ark story. 

“Built during the days of giants, before Noah,” one viewer commented.

While another commented: “Son of God, Giant, built those buildings before the flood of Noah.”

Walls at RuadMystery History

TRUTH? The Old Testament says Noah built an Ark to protect the animals from a flood sent by God
(Pic: Mystery History)

Many people have tried to prove the story of Noah and the flood before. 

And this is not the first time religious findings have made headlines recently. 

Evidence of King David’s city was found that was located “exactly where the Bible said it was” last month. 

While a pastor predicted the apocalypse and “date of Jesus’ return”

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