Mystery bright objects appear in sky as tornado touches down in Amsterdam

The tornado

A mysterious object seen in the skies during a tornado has sent conspiracists into a frenzy.

The footage – taken in the Dutch capital of Amsterdam on August 10 – shows the twister touching down int he horizon.

A faint glowing object then seems to appear in front of the darkened clouds and moves off to the left.

Just as that disappears, a second comes into view and follows it.

Several bright lights appeared in the skies during a tornado

As the cameraperson moves up, several more lights can be seen above the original two.

It ends with another orb moving towards the weather phenomenon.

Renowned UFO hunter Mavi777 uploaded the video to his YouTube channel on August 15, after being sent it by Danny de Jong.

More than 6,700 people have seen the clip, with many having different views on what the objects could be.

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One claimed they were “UFOs” of alien origin.

“Whoever they are, they are here,” a second wrote.

But a third had a more reasonable explanation, writing: “They are not UFOs, they are weather drones checking the power of the tornado.”

The footage comes after numerous sightings emerged of “snake-like” UFOs in the skies above the US.

A conspiracy theorist told this site that the objects could actually belong the the Space Force.

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